Greens Fee: 9 Holes, $6.00/person


Come test your putting skills at Flatstick Pub! Our 9-hole par-3 mini golf course has “water hazards,” course obstacles, and fun at every turn. Drink while you play!

NOTE: Sometimes the course is reserved for private parties, or the bar just gets busy. So while you don’t have to book a tee time to play, we definitely recommend it. Book your tee time online.




Hole #1 - Tap the Keg.  The starting hole presents an early challenge to your round. Birdie is attainable with a solid tee shot through the narrow gap between kegs, though hit a keg and your bouncing back towards a bogey or worse.  Don't fret, there is still lots of beer and golf in your future.

Hole #2 — Split Decision. Two choices on Hole #2. Play to the left, as a dogleg right, to avoid water hazards. Or play to the right and try for par with a putt through a keg.


Hole #3 — Sidewinder. Hopefully you’re warmed up by now, because the tee shot on #3 requires deft touch. Putt up a side hill with enough (but not too much) speed for a good lie. If you do it right, you’ve got a birdie opportunity on your hands. Do it wrong, and you’ll land in the water.

Hole #4 — Around the Horn. Bravery from the tee can land you a hole-in-one, or you can play it safe and work your way around the hole’s perimeter. 


Hole #5 - Midway.  Hole 5 starts the hardest 3-hole stretch of the course.  A delicate tee shot can leave you a knee-knocker across a narrow bridge toward the hole.  If you can't cross the bridge, you will need to sling your next putt around the perimeter of the hole.

Hole #6 —  Plinko. The sixth hole brings the game of chance into your round.  Putt the ball up and over the wall and watch as it tumbles into one of six slots on the other side. The number in the slot where your ball lands is your score for the hole.


Hole #7 — The Needle’s Eye.  This hole can take your score from even to over in a single putt. You must thread the needle through a narrow opening, and then advance the ball toward the hole with a bank shot—if you make it through the needle in the first place. And beware the water directly behind the hole. 

Hole #8 — Daredevil. You can see the hole. Play your line well over a narrow strip with water on both sides and a gap in the wall and you’ll sink it in one, daredevil-style. Or play the safe shot to the left and test your luck with a bank shot for a birdie.

Hole #9 — Last Chance. The course’s safest hole gives you the best bet at a birdie. Just keep the ball on the green for the length of the hole. But miss to either side and the ball will fall off the narrowing fairway, landing you whatever score is shown in section.